Howard Stern did not hold back as he voiced his opinions on Novak Djokovic on his SiriusXM show Tuesday.

Djokovic has been hitting headlines this month after being denied entry into Australia for the Open tournament due to his unvaccinated status.

The tennis player’s attorneys have argued that Djokovic doesn’t need to be vaccinated because he had recently contracted COVID-19, Fox News reported.

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The athlete had not previously disclosed whether he was vaccinated.

Stern said, “The joker, I call him the joker, what a f**king a**hole. They should throw him right the f**k out of tennis. That’s it. Goodbye.”

Stern called Djokovic a “d*****bag” and a “f**knut,” insisting he “doesn’t care about anyone else.”

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Commenting on the tennis player saying “getting vaccinated is a private decision,” the host went on, “like saying smoking is a private decision.

“Well, that’s true. But don’t smoke in my face, f**knut. What a dummy. Just a big dumb tennis player.”

Stern’s comments came as Djokovic released a statement on Instagram, confirming he tested positive for COVID-19 last month and had attended an interview and photoshoot for French publication L’Equipe the following day because he “didn’t want to let the journalist down.”

See his full message below.

Djokovic also confirmed this week that a judge had since overturned his visa cancellation, posting:

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