Jacob Elordi knows his “Euphoria” character Nate isn’t the best guy.

The actor chatted to Jimmy Fallon about the hit show’s season 2 premiere on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show”.

Fallon shared a clip of Nate getting beat up by Angus Cloud‘s Fez at a New Year’s Eve party, with Elordi admitting the fans were “stoked” about the scene.

He shared, “They were so happy about it.”

Elordi added of his character, “I think me as Jacob, I would love to beat him up. I’d love to give him a clip around the ears. But, as Nate, I feel very bad for him. I had to get beat up. It sucked.”

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Jacob Elordi in “Euphoria”. Credit: Eddy Chen/HBO
Jacob Elordi in “Euphoria”. Credit: Eddy Chen/HBO

Fallon also asked Elordi whether he was expecting the first episode of the second season to have such a huge reaction.

He responded, “I didn’t know and then they told me this morning that it crashed the website and a lot of people have seen it… it’s so scary!”

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Elsewhere in the interview, the star spoke about visiting New York City as a kid and getting his own Madame Tussauds wax figure.

See more in the clip above.