Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon showed off their musical skills on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show”.

The pair battled it out in a “Random Instrument Challenge”, in which the Roots attempt to identify random songs they were performing on instruments they’d never played before.

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Fallon kicked things off by belting out “Isn’t She Lovely?” on a train whistle, before Gyllenhaal swapped her song after picking “Good 4 U”, insisting she didn’t know it well enough.

The actress then performed “Sweet Home Alabama” on a lap steel guitar, but both of them failed to get a correct guess from the Roots.

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Fallon eventually won a round after belting out “Amazing Grace” on a dulcimer before Gyllenhaal attempted to perform “My Heart Will Go On” using a washtub bass.

Despite the Roots failing to know the majority of the tracks, they did guess the duo’s joint effort at the end, which was “Over The Rainbow” performed on an Irish lyre harp (Fallon) and a sousaphone (Gyllenhaal).

See more in the clip above.