Jared Leto has an idea on who could fill in as Oscars host at this year’s ceremony.

While talking to SiriusXM’s Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham, Leto is asked about his “House of Gucci” character Paolo Gucci possibly hosting the 2022 bash.

Cunningham mentions that Tom Holland and Zendaya have also been linked to the duties.

Leto replies of Paolo doing the honours, “I have to say, I back it. I think Paolo Gucci, Tom Holland, and Zendaya as a throuple hosting together could be pretty interesting. Maybe an appearance by Sparma, which was the character I played in ‘The Little Things’ to present a special lifetime achievement award.”

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He goes on, “I couldn’t imagine his tuxedo well, like holy guacamole, but listen, if there’s a groundswell for Zendaya and Tom Holland to host, I’m backing it. Let’s do this. Yeah, I’m in a thousand per cent, because, you know, that kind of leads to ‘Morbius’, so I’ll do a little shameless plug for ‘Morbius’, and part of this ‘Spider-Man’ universe and this Marvel character that I was so lucky to bring to life.”

Cagle then asks when fans can expect to see “Morbius”, to which the actor replies: “Well, we’ve had to move the film again, because of Omicron and it’s gonna come out, April 1st, 2051, you know, we’ll be back to yellow fever or something. Yeah, it’s been moved many times.

“It’s coming out on April Fools Day funnily enough this year. And I think it’s good. It’ll give more people an opportunity to see the film and not have to worry about all this craziness.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Leto talks about wanting to make a “House of Gucci” prequel with Al Pacino, who plays Aldo Gucci in the flick.

Leto admits Pacino didn’t recognize him in costume on set at first, telling the hosts: “On the first day of set, he didn’t know it was me and I came up to him and said, you know, ‘hello.’ And he just kind of brushed me off. And he thought I was just kind of an Italian weirdo that was coming, trying to talk to him or get his autograph or something.

“I come up to him two or three times and someone finally whispered, ‘That’s Paolo, that’s Jared under there.’ And he was like ‘My son, my son.’ And he fell to the floor. He was just astounded. And having that happen with one of the world’s greatest actors was a beautiful gift. It gave me the faith that, you know, if Al can believe in this guy, then we all can.

“And it was a boost of confidence early on, and I really just adored working with him. I’d love to do a prequel to ‘The House of Gucci’. ‘Just the Two of Us’ we could call it. Yeah, just the two of us. But he was fantastic. And just so generous, you know, he’s what you hope to be when you get to that place and that position and in terms of just his openness and his kindness and his willingness to do another take and to dig a little deeper and to talk about the scene. I just absolutely was in heaven with him and with Ridley [Scott].”