The Big Show was caught totally off guard by a script penned by Freddie Prinze Jr.

Big Show, real name Paul Wight, was angled more as a monster stomping through the WWE than a charismatic personality on the microphone. Appearing on Prinze’s “Wrestling With Freddie” podcast on iHeart Media’s My Cultra Network, Wight touched on the WWE’s backstage politics and a four-page script he once was handed.

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“I talked in WWE once in a while, um, for whatever reason,” Wight said. “I didn’t talk that much. I didn’t have promo segments every Raw, that wasn’t my gig. So, when I got this promo, I was like are you effing kidding me? Like I haven’t done a promo in like four months and now I’ve got four f**king pages to try to memorize and I’ve got segments of wrestling I’ve got to do.

“Like who the f**k wrote this and why? Is this just bound to light me on fire? It was funny [because] when I found out you wrote it, it was kinda cool because I was like ‘Well f**k, Freddie wrote it so I need to get a better attitude because Freddie’s not going to come in day one and try and cut my head off.’ There I was always worried about a bunch of silly s**t.”

Touching on fame, Wight explained how he avoided having an ego that matches his enormous fame.

“It doesn’t go to your head because – I mean this in the kindest way possible, it never went to my head because – it’s not real,” he said. “It’s entertainment, I’m playing a character. And all I wanted to do, whatever character I was in, was play the best that I could.”

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Wight had the chance to parlay his pro-wrestling success into the voiceover world, portraying a role on “The Jetsons”.

“Oh you don’t have to do anything [for voiceover] but it’s high energy though. I mean when I did [‘The Jetsons’] man it’s high energy,” Wight said. “That whole thing – I did the entire Jetsons movie in one day and by the end of it I was doing some sound effects for some stuff and my voice finally cracked. After eight hours of yelling it finally smacked.”