Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker says he’s buried the hatchet with the Toronto Raptors mascot after some contentious moments involving the costumed dinosaur during Tuesday’s Raptors-Suns game.

As People reported, the problem emerged when Booker was fouled with just six seconds remaining in the game. After he successfully sunk his first free throw, Booker became visibly irritated by the Raptors mascot cavorting in the background, asking the referee to move the mascot out of his line of sight so he could focus on his next throw.

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During a post-game press conference, however, Booker told reporters that he had no hard feelings toward the mascot.

“We hashed it out. We homies now. We’re cool now, though,” said Booker (his comments can be seen in the video below, just after the 2:30 mark).

Booker also said he had no regrets.

“I was trying to get him out the way. It worked,” Booker explained. “I’m glad to be shooting it without him down there.”

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