Stephen Colbert got to know Keanu Reeves a little more during his appearance on “The Late Show” in December.

The host explained how one of Reeves’ answers to a question on the show back in 2019 led to his “The Colbert Questionert” skit, in which Colbert asks his guests an array of random qs.

Despite Reeves’ showbiz status, he admitted to being starstruck over some fellow celebs in the clip posted on the show’s YouTube page this week, telling Colbert how he once asked Lou Reed for an autograph “and he was cool about it.”

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Reeves said he asked for a friend and got given a piece of paper that said “Lou Reed” on it, with Colbert joking about why it would say anything else.

The “Matrix” star also asked George Carlin for an autograph.

Reeves shared, “It was really funny. George Carlin he wrote… ‘Dear Keanu, f**k you.’ I always thought he just wrote that for me and then I met someone else who said that he wrote the same thing to them.”

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The actor also answered questions including what his scariest animal was, the thing he needed to throw out and what he considered to be the best sandwich.

Reeves said, “Today I am going to choose toasted crunchy peanut butter with honey. Sweet and savoury and crunch.”

See more in the clip above.

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