Andrew Garfield is proud of his SAG Award nomination.

This week, the actor earned a nod for his lead performance in “Tick, Tick… Boom!”, playing the late Rent playwright Jonathan Larson.

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“This is the SAG Awards honouring him and his life and what he stood for,” Garfield told E! News, “how he lived his devotion to the art of theatre and storytelling.

“What he sang about was his artist community, who were all at that time going through this terrible AIDS epidemic and the terrible injustice of the Reagan administration and the tragedy that was befalling this community of artists in New York City and around the world.

“He was a generous, advocate [and] revolutionary artist, so I feel like this nomination is really just another another way of giving Jon more life,” Garfield said. “And I find more and more breath to sing more of his song while he can’t and I find that deeply moving.”

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Talking about the film, which was directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Garfield said, “One of the big experiences that Jonathan goes through in this film is an awareness and a kind of acceptance of loss. And, you know, awareness that life is finite, that life is short. And it’s so painful to accept that—it’s so much easier to try to live under the illusion that we’re all gonna live forever. But I think only when you accept that and when you’re met with that in a visceral way, does life starts to really become meaningful in a deeper way.”