Priyanka Chopra Jonas discusses family life and her incredible career in a candid new interview for Vanity Fair‘s February issue.

Chopra Jonas, who is married to Nick Jonas, is asked whether her mother hopes for a grandchild one day, to which she replies: “They’re a big part of our desire for the future. By God’s grace, when it happens, it happens.”

As the reporter points out their lives are busier than ever, the star responds: “No, we’re not too busy to practise,” with the journalist laughing that they were talking about work rather than sex.

“I’m okay with that,” she says of having to slow down after having kids. “We’re both okay with that.”

The actress tells the magazine how despite always being a workaholic, she doesn’t want to spend all of 2022 away from home.

“I’ve always been such a worker bee,” she shares. “My priority has always been the next job. I’m a very, very ambitious person. But I think the woman in me is craving balance. I’m craving my family life. I’m craving being able to do things for the soul that I didn’t do because I was just ‘blinders on’ and working.”

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Credit: Emma Summerton/Vanity Fair
Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Credit: Emma Summerton/Vanity Fair

Chopra Jonas says of her path leaving her with some bruises and scars: “I think maybe that’s why I’m becoming a lot more introverted as I go along on this journey in the entertainment business now.

“I’m starting to protect myself a lot more because I realize how much it takes out of you. It takes a part of your soul, constantly trying to make sure that you say the right thing, do the right thing, dress the right way, not make a mistake, not trip because the whole world is going to watch. Or not fall when you’re walking up on a red carpet or say something wrong or have a bad f**king day. I feel like I am at a precipice of reinvention.”

Not only is Chopra Jonas one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, she’s also one of Hollywood’s leading actresses now. She’s set to star in the upcoming rom-com “Text for You” and Amazon’s spy series “Citadel”.

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“It’s taken a lot of pavement pounding to be able to get people’s attention, and to be able to get an acceptance of the fact that someone like me can be the lead of a Hollywood feature,” she says. “There’s very few of us from South Asia who get to do that. I hope that the part that I play in it will sort of push the envelope a little bit.”

Chopra Jonas talks about nabbing the lead role of FBI trainee Alex Parrish in the ABC series “Quantico” back in 2015.

“’Quantico’ for me was a really big win,” she explains. “Not just because of being the first time an Indian or South Asian actor was lead of a network show, but, more than that, because I was not put in the box, like the show wasn’t ‘My Big Fat Indian Wedding’. After that, I just started looking for parts like that, where my ethnicity is something that is an asset [but] I’m not defined by it.”

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