When it comes to raising his own children, Wilmer Valderrama says he wants his children to inherit cultural values.

The actor welcomed baby Nakano into the world with his fiancée Amanda Pacheco on Feb. 15 2021.

“We want to teach her respect, loyalty, and what hard work looks like. That’s what saved my own life,” Valderrama told Parents Latina for their February/March 2022 cover story.

The actor’s family immigrated to the U.S. from Venezuela in 1994 for a better life. His breakout role came in the form of  foreign exchange student Fez on “That ’70s Show”.

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“In Hollywood, you can lose yourself if you try to become what someone else thinks is profitable,” he continued. “But my parents taught me that I never had to be anything I wasn’t.”

Wilder Valderrama – Photo: Victor Demarchelier for PARENTS LATINA
Wilder Valderrama – Photo: Victor Demarchelier for PARENTS LATINA

Valderrama’s parents continue to be an influence in his family life as they help with parenting Nakano as well. His mother Sobeida, who only speaks Spanish, lives next to him in his L.A. family compound and his father Balbino moved in with them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Pacheco’s own mother died to ovarian cancer years ago, she said she still feels her influence.

“I felt her presence throughout my entire pregnancy,” Pacheco shared. “There’s no way it would’ve gone as smoothly as it did without my mom watching over me.”

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That connection was even felt during Nakano’s birth, which happened on Pacheco’s late mother’s birthday.

“I’m sure God had a lot to do with that,” she said. “But I know that was my mom too.”

Valderrama’s mother also serves as a guide for Pacheco as she lost her mother around the same age. The model can’t speak Spanish fluently, but despite the language barrier the two are able to support each other.

“She was around the same age as I was when her own mother passed,” Pacheco said. “She’s become a mother figure to me, and despite the language barrier, we have a real connection.”

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With the multigenerational parenting going on in his daughter’s life, Valderrama hopes his daughter will always remember her roots.

“We want Nakano to grow up in a world where she’s proud of her roots and respects where she came from,” shared the 42-year-old actor.

The new issue of Parents Latina hits newsstands on Jan. 14, and the full article is available now online.