The Chainsmokers are back and with a bit of humour.

Announcing their fourth album after a two-year break, Alexander “Alex” Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart shared a video titled “Sorry, The Chainsmokers Are Back”.

In the satirical video a fake Pall and Taggart prep for a new album and take part in a photoshoot “because who really knows what they look like.”

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“I’m sorry, are we wrapping soon? I have a Faberge egg being delivered and I have to sign for it,” pretend-Taggart questions.

The fake Chainsmokers attempt to smoke $100 bills, try psychedelic mushrooms, pass out in a pool, and give making music a try.

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The video ends with a call from their record label telling them that they are back after the fake ones quit.

Their first single off the upcoming album will be titled “High”.