Heidi Klum and Snoop Dogg is the collab you didn’t know you needed.

The supermodel and rap icon have released their new single “Chai Tea With Heidi”.

The song is Klum’s first-ever single, taken from Rod Stewart’s 1983 single “Baby Jane”. The song will be the opening track for “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

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“When we were discussing the title song for the upcoming season of ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’, it was suggested perhaps I should record my own song this year. I love stepping outside of my comfort zone and challenging myself so it was something I was definitely considering but I knew there was only one person I wanted to sing with,” Klum said.

“I am a huge Snoop Dogg fan and I figured I needed to go big or go home. I contacted him about the idea and, to my surprise and delight, he invited me to come to his studio. I love a song that makes people want to dance and have fun… and Snoop helped deliver just that,” she continued. “Sometimes, I need to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming this because it is truly a dream come true.”

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Catch the full music video up top.