“Jackass Forever” is nearly here but, according to Steve-O, he almost messed up the reunion.

Speaking with Variety, Steve-O said he was “in shock” upon learning Johnny Knoxville was planning a new film after a 10-year break. The now-standup comedian tried to negotiate for “more” but it only caused a rift with Knoxville.

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“You know, frankly, I felt that over the last 10 years that I’d really worked extremely hard to build momentum for myself as a brand in my own right. I wanted to retroactively stick up for myself,” he said. “Over the course of ‘Jackass’ I had never so much as countered. I never pushed back. I built myself up. I deserved more now because I worked for more.”

With the guidance of his entertainment attorney, Steve-O tried to negotiate but admits he also stirred things up.

“I could have gone about it a lot more smoothly and I didn’t. I blurted s**t out during interviews that was counterproductive, so that’s what really p***ed off Knoxville. We had a little rift, you know?”

Steve-O eventually backed off his request, admitting to Knoxville the way he handled things “was f**king bulls**t.”

“It was the most healing conversation that he and I had ever had. I felt emotional about it.”

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While the pay did go up “the smallest fraction of a number,” he doesn’t call it “a win.”

“Jackass Forever” is in theatres on Feb. 4.