Kiefer Sutherland has penned a new song on his upcoming third studio album Bloor Street, a homage to the Toronto neighbourhood where he grew up, that was written about his time behind bars.

The actor, best known for his role as Jack Bauer in “24”, penned the track “County Jail Gate” about serving 48 days in jail for drunk driving back in 2007.

Sutherland, who is the son of actor Donald Sutherland, told the Sun of the song: “It’s absolutely my story. Except that in that song, the character is in jail for a long time.

“I was watching a movie and the beginning was a man getting out of prison. The prison gate started to open, and you would hear the buzzers going and see the lights flashing.

“It made me so uncomfortable watching it and I came up with the line, ‘There ain’t no sound I’ve learned to hate more than a county jail gate.’

“The times that I have got into trouble because of mistakes I’ve made are some of the most embarrassing moments in my life. I really am bothered by my behaviour that led to those times.”

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Sutherland’s past misdemeanours include driving under the influence, assault, and carrying a concealed and loaded weapon.

The star, who was born in London but raised in Canada, continued: “I first got in trouble when I was 12 and the song is about how I stopped whinging and faced up to it — it was time to move on.

“I’m certainly not singing a song about how cool it is to go to jail. It’s really simple — you don’t need to fight that person, just walk away.

“The part that bothered me most was that I wasn’t behaving responsibly, and I’m a father. I was really cross with myself about that the most. I’m just glad I made it through.

“So yes, it’s a song saying, ‘Don’t do this or you’re gonna feel like an absolute moron.’ It’s my story. Guilty as charged.”

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Sutherland told the paper, “I discovered early in life that if I’ve got too much time on my hands, I will f**k up.”

He said of writing a lot of the album over lockdown while at his L.A. home: “I would say three-quarters of the songs were written during the pandemic.

“It was a moment for reflection on how lucky I have been and how grateful I am. I wanted to share that with these songs.”

Sutherland is set to release his new album Bloor Street on Jan. 21.