Josh Gad paid a virtual visit this week to SiriusXM’s “The Morning Mash Up” to promote his new Peacock series “Wolf Like Me”.

In the new show, Gad stars alongside Isla Fisher and revealed he spent some time hanging out with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen and witnessed one of his secret comedy performances.

“Sacha was out there and we got to hang out. Not as many times [as] we both would’ve liked just because he wasn’t working,” Gad explained.

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“So he kept being like, ‘Josh, come over. Let’s go surfing. I want to go swimming with you.’ And I’d be like, ‘Sacha, I have 20 pages of dialogue to learn for tomorrow,'” Gad recalled. “But one of the highlights of the trip was [when] Sacha was doing a standup show. But he was doing standup, I think I’m allowed to say this. He was doing standup as Borat. And it was so funny. And it was just so great to see him in this element and working off a live audience. So yes, the short answer is yes, we got to hang out and it was a blast.”

In another part of the conversation, Gad discussed working with Fisher, admitting they had perhaps a little too much fun on the set.

“Isla and I probably did not stop laughing more than for 10 seconds at a [time.] It was to the point that the director had to pull us aside and be like, ‘I’ve gotta make my day. You have to stop,’” he said.

The reason for their laughter, he explained, was “because we’re such idiots and the nature of some of the material was heavy, it was heavy. And so it was basically us and this brilliant young actress named Ariel who played my daughter and the three of us. And so it was just nonstop.”

Gad also recalled filming a kiss between their characters while they were both sick.

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“Just the worst sore throats, horrible cough,” he said. “And it was our big date scene and it was like the first time that we had to kiss. And we’re both just snotty and sneezing and disgusting. And it was so perfect because it was just exactly the opposite of what you would want for a situation like that. But because it was her and because it was me, we just made it so fun and she’s an amazing co-star. I cannot say enough about how much I love Isla Fisher.”

“Wolf Like Me” is streaming now.