Few things soothe the soul quite like a good breakup song.

On Friday, Jason Aldean debuted his latest single “Trouble With A Heartbreak”, along with a cinematic music video.

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“And that’s the trouble with a heartbreak, it’s gonna hang around/Leave you midnight breaking down, wonderin’ how/Long that it’s gonna take gettin’ over her,” the country star sings.

Photo: Brian Higbee
Photo: Brian Higbee

The video, with stunning footage of the Nevada landscape acting as a backdrop, features a cowboy at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas navigating the difficulties of a broken heart.

“Trouble With A Heartbreak” is featured on the second instalment of Aldean’s latest album Macon, Georgia, scheduled for release in April. The first half of the album debuted in November 2021.

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“The cool thing about putting out two parts of this record is having fans hear all the different influences I grew up on,” Aldean said in a statement. “This song hit me right when I heard it and reminded me of those bitter R&B breakup songs that take me back to riding through the backroads of Georgia.”

Aldean’s previous single was the duet with Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You”, released last summer.