One of the women appearing on Fox’s “Joe Millionaire” reboot shared a shocking revelation during this week’s episode.

During her private date with Steven, one of the two bachelors on “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer”, contestant Jennie Alexandra revealed she was once preyed upon by sex traffickers.

“I am a victim of sex trafficking,” she said during the episode, as reported by Yahoo! Entertainment.

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“It happened six years ago, and we finally had a trial four years after. The judge came back in my favour. It was a $13-million judgment and 20-year sentencing. And so that was the most rewarding thing ever,” she continued.

“I wouldn’t be okay with myself if I didn’t at least try to do something about it, because it was I can’t not do anything,” she said. “And know in the back of my head, Oh, they’re probably gonna do this to like other women. ‘Cause not only stuff was put online. I mean, I was harassed.”

Steven was understandably taken aback, but told Alexandra, “I can assure you, it has absolutely zero bearing on anything that we would have moving forward of how I feel about you. In fact, I can’t imagine having the strength to have to carry that burden. And from what I can tell thus far, you are a pretty damn amazing woman.”

So impressed was Steven, in fact, that Alexandra made it to one of his top two positions.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their admiration for Alexandra.