George Clooney’s latest directorial effort, “The Tender Bar”, recently premiered on Amazon Prime Video, starring Ben Affleck as a tavern owner who becomes a father figure to his young nephew.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Clooney discussed how he wound pup tapping Affleck for the role of Uncle Charlie.

“You know, it’s funny, this is a character that when [“Tender Bar” producer] Grant [Haslov] and I read it, we were like, ‘Well, who’s going to play that part?’ And both of us at the same time thought about Ben,” said Clooney.

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“We’ve worked with Ben before. We like him a lot,” Clooney continued.

“He’s very smart, which this character has to be,” he added. “He’s well-read, as Ben is. And he’s also the guy who works at a bar, a working-class guy, and Ben has the ability to do that. To me, it was always like listening to the Sopranos doing Shakespeare. There was something really interesting about hearing these guys with Long Island accents but they’re talking about, you know, great authors.”

After zeroing in on Affleck, Clooney admitted they weren’t sure whether he’d be available.

“So when we sent it to Ben, It was about this time last year, I guess, and we didn’t know what he was doing,” said Clooney. “Didn’t know what his world was like. And he sent back like, a two-page email that went on forever about why he’s exactly the right guy and how he’s going to kick a** and he’ll do it for nothing.”

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“The Tender Bar” is streaming now.