SPOILER ALERT: Key plot points from “Ray Donovan: The Movie” will be revealed below.



The saga of Boston-born Hollywood fixer Ray Donovan came to an end on Friday, Jan. 14 with the debut of “Ray Donovan: The Movie”, wrapping up the series after its abrupt and unexpected cancellation in 2020.

The movie ended on a deliberately ambiguous note, with Ray (Liev Schreiber) seemingly passing out in an ambulance after being shot.

This is followed by a shot underwater of a man swimming, with Ray then emerging from the water, wearing a suit, just before the credits roll.

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Does that mean that Ray died? Schreiber shared his interpretation in an interview with USA Today.

“Best I can tell, and from the information that I have from the powers that be, they want that to be an open question, and I think you can interpret it or see it how you like,” explained Schreiber, who  co-wrote the movie with executive producer and director David Hollander.

“For me, the intention as a writer was to feel that we had reached the end of a chapter, we had reached the end of our journey with this family,” he added. “That open-ended question is intentional. Like, where would you take it? How does it fit in your life? Does that feel like the end of someone’s life or the beginning?”

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Asked about that final scene of Ray emerging from the water, Schreiber said, “When I was acting it, the way I was thinking about it is, you know when people have out-of-body experiences? That’s what that was. We spent all this time on these two-time continuums: one is old Ray, and one is present Ray. For me, it felt like that wasn’t so much a ghost of Ray, but it was the conscience and consciousness of Ray seeing things separate from them.”

The water, Schreiber added, symbolizes “a new, clean Ray. It’s a baptism. In the Roman Catholic tradition, which Ray is from, there’s that sense of revival and renewal and confession. Getting that piece off of his chest (forgiving his father) creates a shiny, new Ray, in a way.”

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With that in mind, does Schreiber think there’s a possibility that Ray could make a return at some point?

“Yeah, I think there is,” said Schreiber. “He looks like he’s alive when the ambulance door closes, right?”