Britney Spears addressed another open letter to her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, expressing a whirlwind of emotions about her family, mainly regarding how they have “never been remotely as hard on [her] as they have been on [Britney].”

The “Gimme More” singer took back the previous comment she made calling Jamie Lynn a “scum person,” confessing that she “said some harsh things because you obviously hurt me by the things you are making up about me !!!”

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Britney then called out her sister’s latest comments that don’t make any sense to her.

“What Dad did to me, they don’t even do that to criminals … so for you to sit back and act completely aloof to what has happened to me is honesty insane to me !!!” the singer said.

“You guys treated me like nothing and that’s not even half of it !!! I’m honestly shocked Dad isn’t in jail !!! Come on !!! We are supposed to have each other’s back … but what you’re saying just truly confuses me !!!” she continued.

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“So go ahead and say whatever you want … it’s so tacky for a family to fight publicly like this !!! You say you love me … yet your loyalty is still with the people that hurt me the most !!! I think the thing that saddens me the most is that when this all happened to me and when I called you from that place … you would take days to respond !!!” Britney confessed about needing her sister when she was scared.

In Britney’s new post, she indicated that Jamie Lynn did “absolutely nothing” to help end her 13-year conservatorship until one year ago when the singer made a public Instagram comment.

“I said something on Instagram and you and Bryan [Spears] showed up at my house … because of an Instagram post !!! THAT makes me the saddest…. why ???? Because I needed you WAYYYYYY before that and the fact that you and Bryan showed up laughing at my gate, instead of KNOWING you should have been here way before that makes me very sad !!!”

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Britney made it clear that she doesn’t care anymore, adding, “Say whatever you want to say just know I do know your real heart more than anyone !!!”

Despite being upset, the 41-year-old singer continued to show love for her younger sister and signed off the letter by writing, “I admire you for being strong … just know I love you and I think you know that already more than anything!!!”