Rising Star Week Continues With Up And Coming Recording Artist Masha

Keep a look out for Masha! The 23-year old’s Stupid, Stupid Dreams, EP is set to make the Latvian-born singer a household name.   The record has serious weight behind it and was co-produced by longtime Taylor Swift producer Nathan Chapman and multi-Grammy nominated songwriter/producer Claude Kelly, the mind behind hits like Bruno Mars’ Grenade and Britney’s Circus.

In her first interview with ET Canada, Masha says it feels like she was born to perform, so it’s no wonder she took to YouTube to show off her amazing vocals, generating over 3.2 million views on her page.

She’s covered everyone from Miley to Kacey Musgraves, to Rihanna, three very different artists, so what was it about those artists that really spoke to her? “I always pick songs that I love. From country to pop, it doesn’t matter what genre. I’m a fan of music,” she tells us. “I always think it’s fun to see how I can emote a song in my own way.”

Now with her release coming out in less than two weeks, she’s ready to put the covers aside for now and focus on her own sound, which we’ve got to say,  has some of Alanis Morissette’s raspy soulful  feel to it. “I love female vocalists. Janis Joplin is like my godmother in my head. She gives me goose bumps. I love the Dixie Chicks – Sade, Bonnie Raitt. Anyone who can give me chills and make me cry is a winner in my book,” she tells us. “Country music has always been a favourite of mine because the songs all tell a story. Country songwriters boggle my mind. I love Alanis, too!”

So what can we expect? “This EP is basically a page out of my diary. There are some really angry songs and some not-so-angry,” she says. “Whether it’s about marriage equality, women’s empowerment or masturbation. I like to think that after listening to Stupid, Stupid Dreams, you’ll leave feeling happy and uplifted, or maybe you’ll wanna slash someone’s tires.”

Now before you grab her EP on October 22nd – Masha has a message just for ET Canada – and a new song “Do You”; – check it out below!

Listen to Masha’s “Do You”;  Here.




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