Alexa Nikolas co-starred with Jamie Lynn Spears in the Nickelodeon series, and Nikolas is continuing to slam Spears for her alleged lies about her.

On Friday, Nikolas posted a message on Instagram describing Spears as “toxic” and “fake,” accusing her of “lying up a storm” in her new memoir, Things I Should Have Said.

On Sunday, Nikolas shared a followup post, featuring a photo of herself in tears.

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“This is what lying and bullying continues to do to others,” she wrote in the caption. “I’ve been crying over here while taking care of my daughter and myself.
I wanted to post this to show others that I know how it goes. One minute you are able to laugh it off and then the next moment you are crying endlessly about it. Especially as you keep getting triggered by more hurtful words revealed about you from the person who wounded you deeply as a child.”

She continued: “You want to be tough. You want to be soft. You want to move on. You want to get over it. But then you are quickly reminded once again that you are human and you have feelings. Healing is never linear. Even though you pray for it to be nightly. It’s hard. Really f**king hard. Reading more cruel lies tonight really broke me down. It’s not fair. It’s not just. I’m just here processing it all. Goodnight.”

In her earlier post, Nikolas issued a lengthy message about Spears’ book.

“Nothing that she said in her book about me actually happened,” Nikolas wrote. “I wish I could go back in time and tell my 12-year-old self that you are actually extremely lucky to not have a friend like her. You are way better off without her. You don’t need toxic people in your life like that and you deserve better. And that’s the truth on that. I don’t mind saying all the things I should say for free.”