Her current romance with Kanye West may be taking the world by storm but Julia Fox needed to set a few things straight about her ex.

On her podcast “Forbidden Fruits”, co-hosted by Niki Takesh, the “Uncut Gems” star apologized to Peter Artemiev, her son’s father, for calling him a “deadbeat” and an “alcoholic.”

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“All I want to say is, I’m sorry,” she said. “You’re not a deadbeat, I know that you’re not, and I know that it wasn’t that you weren’t trying to see [our son] Valentino, it’s that you weren’t trying to see me.”

Fox had made the claims about Artemiev in a social media rant over the holidays, telling fans that it had been “a month or more” since she’d heard from him.

The actress revealed that she wrote the social media rant that dragged her ex during the holidays after she hadn’t heard from him in “a month or more.”

“Everyone had COVID,” the actress continued. “I had no help at all whatsoever, and my friend was out and saw Peter out and Peter was saying something along the lines of, ‘That b***h won’t let me see my son.’ And when that was relayed to me … my blood boiled. I just snapped.”

Now, though, Fox said she wants to see an “evening [of] the playing field” given that her ex has no interest in stardom.

“He just is so not about this life,” she explained. “He doesn’t give a f**k about it. He’s, like, the most chillest, down-to-earth, authentic guy.”

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The actress shared that despite their whirlwind romance, getting married in Las Vegas after only a month of dating, things changed when their son was born in January 2021.

“He just really did not step up to the plate in the way that I wanted,” she said, adding that she had also changed herself following the birth.

Still, Fox said, “I feel like he was kind of meant to deliver me my son in a weird way.”

She also revealed that they had recently cleared things up, and that their son was actually with his dad while she was recording the podcast.