**Spoiler Alert** Please do not read further if you haven’t seen the “Yellowjackets” season finale.





“Yellowjackets” is possibly one of the most discussed shows online. With new fan theories every week, its second season is highly anticipated by viewers.

Speaking with Alex Logan and Lizzie Basset of the podcast “IMDb Is Obsessed”, “Yellowjackets” star Liv Hewson gave fans and listeners insight to their experience on the show, what to expect in season two and even reacted to online fan theories.

Hewson recalled one of their favourite moments on the show – filming with real wolves: “There were times where they looked very cute, which was really disarming!”

They further went on to describe, “So they’re standing with their front legs on this log, menacing fake versions of us and their tails are wagging like anything!! And we’re all behind the monitor like ****! This is going to be a problem!”

Reacting to the various fan theories online, the actor mentioned that they like to read what the fans are writing, but try not to get too caught up.

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Hewson mentioned, how just like most of us, they too sometimes blurt out spoilers and details while watching the show with their friends. When asked by Lizzie if Jackie is the Antler Queen, Hewson said, “I have to pretend I didn’t hear you because if I react, I’m going to ruin something.”

While carefully avoiding giving out any spoilers, Hewson revealed that they too are unaware of what’s happening in season two and highlighted that their co-actor, Melanie Lynskey might know what to expect in the upcoming season.

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Apart from playing teen Van in Showtime’s survival drama “Yellowjackets”, Liv Hewson is also co-hosting a podcast, “The Gay Agenda” produced by Netflix’s LGBT Branch MOST along with co-star Jasmin Savoy Brown who plays Taissa in the show.

Kicking off with eight episodes for the season, Hewson named some of their guests like Carmen Maria Machado, Leo Sheng and Fortune Feimster amongst many more.

Celebrating the successes of the LGBTQ+ journey, the first episode is now available on Netflix.