Jamie Lynn Spears got emotional as she discussed her sister Britney’s 2007 public breakdown, her parents’ divorce, and more in a candid new interview with the “Call Her Daddy” podcast.

Jamie Lynn sat down with host Alex Cooper to talk about her upcoming book, Things I Should Have Said, with them speaking about 2007 also being the year that the then 16-year-old Jamie Lynn fell pregnant after Britney shaved her head. The next year, the singer’s much-talked about conservatorship began.

Jamie Lynn explained how their dad, Jamie, worked with Britney, while their mom, Lynne, worked with Jamie Lynn.

The actress said of them trying to keep the news on the down low, “Because they didn’t want anyone to know. That was kind of the motto of our life.

“And I don’t think all of this came from a horrible place. I think some of it was to protect– They did not want things out there that possibly could hurt us.”

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Admitting she didn’t understand why her pregnancy had to be a “team” effort, Jamie Lynn shared: “I do think at that point, my mom was so checked out… she just was like allowing the team to kind of– She just wanted someone to help make it better. I was like, ‘this should be a family matter, why do we have a team here?’ But at the same time, that was our world.”

Jamie Lynn admitted it was a high school friend who showed her the images of Britney with a shaved head, saying she was “p**sed off” that they seemed like they were enjoying it at the time.

Sharing how both parents were then doing all they could for her sister, Jamie Lynn recalled: “They were there trying to help her, and so I was by myself and I had to pretend like it didn’t bother me.

“I don’t even remember talking to them about it. … I guess I just acted like it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was a huge deal obviously,” she added, getting emotional.

Insisting she didn’t remember a lot from that moment, Jamie Lynn, who even decided to look into legal emancipation at the time around her pregnancy, told Cooper: “This part in my life I think I just disconnected myself from it. There were things that I see to this day that I’m like I don’t remember those pictures, I don’t remember those things.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Jamie Lynn also claimed Britney offered to buy their mom a house if she divorced their dad. The pair ended up splitting in 2002 after 26 years of marriage.

She said, “I was really confused by that. Now looking back, like what a weird f**king thing to do. It seems like a weird thing, like, ‘I’ll give you a house if you divorce Dad.’ Why would your kid be able to tell you that?

“Already, these dynamics are messed up, and that’s where I think, too, my dynamics were kind of effed up. Because my sister’s paying bills. But I was a kid—I didn’t have a choice where I put my head or where I slept.

“Like, what am I gonna do? Tell my mom I’m not sleeping here? Well, guess what, you’re sleeping on the street. I had no choice over that. But it was confusing to me. [I thought,] ‘Wait, so they’re getting a divorce and my sister said she’s gonna pay for…’ Can you imagine the math going on in my head?”