Ricky Gervais’ beloved “After Life” dog Brandy, played by Anti the German Shepherd, has been stealing the show as the comedian has been doing press for the third and final season of the hit series.

Gervais recently shared on “Lorraine”, referencing his character Tony losing his wife Lisa on the show, “The emotional response, people coming up to me in the streets saying it helped them, you realize that everyone’s grieving.”

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“It was never meant to be a show about grief, but more and more I felt a responsibility to treat it with respect.

“When I first came up with it I thought, ‘Can people laugh at this?’ Yes, if you treat it well.

“People say, ‘I was just like that,’ People like seeing a bit of themselves on telly, even if it’s the bad stuff, it makes them feel normal and not being well is normal.

“Some people came up to me and they were therapists and they said they used the show in some of their sessions.”

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Gervais also reassured fans that Brandy won’t be killed off any time soon, despite their worries.

He added: “Everyone was saying ‘Is the dog OK?’ I’ve been saying it for a year – the dog does not die. I promise, the dog does not die. She’s gonna live forever.”

Gervais’ on-screen dog has been hitting headlines this week after he ran away from the actor and whined after Gervais said he wanted to be “selfish” and die before his partner Jane.

Watch the adorable “One Show” moment below.