Carey Hart is getting back into shape.

On Monday, the former motocross racer shared a shirtless before-and-after photo on Instagram, showing off his muscle gain following his recent surgery.

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“As many may know, I just recovered from neck and spine surgery. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s always hard getting back in the training program,” he wrote.

Hart explained that due to the surgery, he lost 25 pounds, including muscle mass, but on his current fitness regimen he still has 10 pounds left to put back on.

“The trick is consistency and what you put in your body. I’m far from a trainer, I just know what works for my body,” he wrote. “Clean foods, clean proteins, and clean supplements.”

He continued, “Just know that whatever your goals are, commit, stick to it, and you can do it!!!! I’m not gonna tell you it’s easy, or there are any short cuts. Start slow, and stay consistent. You got this!!!!”

Finally, Hart added, “I went though all of this last year after my shoulder surgery, and unfortunately, I will have to go through it again this winter w/ my ankle surgery. And winter of ‘23 w/ my hip surgery. But guess what? Knock me down, I’ll get right back up. You can do the same. Screw resolutions, do it for your health, life, happiness, and family. You got it 🤘🏼🤘🏼. Have a great year everyone, let’s make it the best yet.”

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Hart has regularly kept followers updated on his medical procedures, including the pair of surgeries on his spine and neck in September and October.

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