Cate Blanchett has had quite the lockdown experience as a mother of four.

The actress spoke about home-schooling on Tuesday’s “The Project”, calling it “traumatic” when dealing with her seven-year-old daughter Edith.

Blanchett told host Lisa Wilkinson, “You know, I was amazing for two weeks. I was blitzing it.

“And then all of a sudden my — you know, my older kids were fine, they would sort of self-direct — but I had to do my seven-year-old, and I realized that I couldn’t even teach her Grade 1 math.

“She sniffed that out after 14 days, and I was a dead duck. There was no respect there.”

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The “Carol” star went on, “I had to dress up as her teacher, I had to put on her teacher’s voice, and she wouldn’t start the classes until we had a full array of stuffed animals — all of which had the names of the people in her class.

“It felt like some weird cross between ‘The Muppets’ and ‘MasterClass’. It was quite traumatic.”

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Blanchett also shares sons Dashiell, 20, Roman, 17, and Ignatius, 13, with husband Andrew Upton.