Liev Schreiber doesn’t talk politics with his “Ray Donovan” co-star.

In an interview with TVLine promoting the new “Ray Donovan” movie, the actor was asked about working with Voight despite their political differences.

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“Jon and I made an agreement years ago to just never talk about politics,” Schreiber said. “It’s just something that we don’t want in the workspace. We don’t want that. Our jobs are difficult enough as they are without all the other nonsense coming into it. So, for that brief time that we’re working together, we just don’t do it.”

He added, “I love Jon. I would do anything for him.”

Schreiber, who is an outspoken liberal, has on occasion addressed Voight’s conservative politics and support for Donald Trump, including a 2016 conversation on Twitter.

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On another occasion, Schreiber responded to a question about a political video released by Voight.

“I love Jon and always will. Even as he instigates violence and division,” he said at the time. “While I may not share his views on politics or policy he will always be my brother.”