Alyssa Milano’s household is full of animals and only getting fuller.

On Tuesday’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the actress stops by to talk about her new film “Brazen”, but takes a moment to drop some news her husband might find surprising.

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“Is it true that you have like a dozen animals?” Clarkson asks.

“I have nine horses, five dogs, eight chickens, two bunnies,” Milano says, before adding, “And also my brother just called me yesterday and asked if I would take a mini horse… which I haven’t talked to my husband about yet.”

She then turns to the camera, while noting, “he’s not so into the animals,” to break the news to her husband David Bugliari.

“Hi Dave, we’re adopting a mini horse, so you know… it comes tomorrow,” she says.

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Clarkson talks about her own love of rabbits, sharing that some of her rabbits managed to tunnel over to each other and now she’s expecting a whole new mess of baby rabbits, for anyone who wants one.

“Dave, we’re taking some rabbits,” Milano jokes.