Rebel Wilson leaned towards comedy and comedy acting due to her weight.

Wilson, whose weight loss journey has sparked many headlines, opened up about how her previous weight factored into her comedy. She suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS] which contributed to rapid weight gain in her early 20s.

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“So, obviously, I knew I was a bigger girl so I was like you just got to embrace it so that’s why I went into comedy acting because I knew how much power comedians can have, people, are more likely to laugh at people they don’t want to have sex with,” Wilson told the “Life Uncut Podcast”, via Daily Mail.

“Comedians often have something physical about them that’s abnormal,” Wilson continued. “Those people tend to go better in comedy, so I turned what was turned into a lot of agents as a disadvantage into my advantage.”

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Wilson became a household name for her portrayal of Fat Amy, a member of The Bellas a capella team, in “Pitch Perfect”. Despite some of the role’s stereotypes, Wilson has fond memories of the character.

“Bellas means beautiful; in Italian,” she said. “I just loved being Fat Amy. And I just loved being that character, it is interesting how people get into comedy and stuff.”