The “Cheer” squad are back and better than ever.

On Wednesday, cheerleading coach and reality star Monica Aldama is on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, talking about the show’s overnight success.

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Asked about how surprised audiences of the first season were by the work that goes into competitive cheerleading, Aldama explains, “That was one of the reasons I wanted to do this show, because cheerleading has a stereotype from the history of cheerleading, and also from the movies that portray it as some popular mean girl that’s just on the sideline to look cute.”

She also talks about how the crew managed to stay focused despite their sudden popularity and celebrity.

“When you come from adversity, you’re really grateful for opportunities that you get,” Aldama says. “These kids have worked so hard, they’ve overcome their circumstances, and so we kept saying all the time that we had an attitude of gratitude.”

There was some worry that the popularity would distract the squad, but she says, “That made me work twice as hard.”

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This season, the squad also deal with the fallout from the arrest of former team member Jerry Harris on charges related to the production of child pornography.

“It was shocking,” Aldama says. “It was devastating for everyone. As a parent I was just heartbroken for those affected.”