James Gunn is getting a lot of praise for John Cena and company’s stiff, snazzy dance moves in the opening credits of “Peacemaker”.

Gunn conjured a very on-brand and aesthetically delightful opening dance number for the new HBO Max series, a spin-off of “The Suicide Squad”. Gunn and Cena dished on the cast’s smooth moves in a new interview.

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“My enemy is a skip forward button! I want to vanquish it!” Gunn told IMDb. “I want all the wonderful people who worked so hard on this show to get their due in the upfront credits and for people to see them.

“I tried to create an opening credit sequence that people wouldn’t skip over once the eighth episode comes around.”

The cast was asked to honour their best dancer. Cena gave that credit to co-star Jennifer Holland.

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“Jen stole the show for sure. I would put Steve Agee up there on honourable mention,” Cena said. “We’re our own biggest critics, so I’ll put myself near the most need of improvement.”

HBO Max premiered the first three episodes of “Peacemaker” on Jan. 13. The show was well-received and will run for a total of eight episodes.