Since “The Bachelor” season 26 begun airing with Clayton Echard as the lead, Bachelor Nation has harshly labelled the 28-year-old as “boring,” a title franchise alums Wells Adams and Ben Higgins believe will work in his favour.

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“A lot of people are saying he’s boring, but if we can all remember who everyone considered as the most boring ‘Bachelor’ ever,” Wells Adams said, as he pointed at Higgins during ET Canada’s exclusive interview. “And now he’s considered the greatest ‘Bachelor’ that we’ve ever had. Maybe it’s a good thing to be less entertaining and let the women shine a little bit. I think it’s a smart strategy.”

Higgins agreed with his Bachelor Nation friend, admitting that from his own experience, this fanbase in which he has grown to love, has a history of “always [being] too harsh.”

“They’re fans of the show because of three big elements,” Higgins said. “They love the drama, I think people do appreciate a good love story, and they watch it because they watch people, who are very regular people, who have no training or prep for this, go on television and they can make fun of them.”

“But we didn’t see a lot of [Echard]. We know nothing about him and if at the end of the season we feel the same way, and we’re like, ‘This guy, we don’t know anything about him, we don’t feel like he belonged, then maybe that’s fair, but right now, I think fans reactions are just not knowing this guy and we still don’t know him after two weeks because he’s not the focal point of the season yet,” Higgins added.

Nonetheless, Adams is loving the way the drama has played out thus far because the women’s dynamic personalities is creating a great recipe of disaster for the franchise’s spin-off series, “Bachelor In Paradise”.

“I watch the show because it is enjoyable and entertaining, but it’s more so because I get to see who my clients are going to be come June in Mexico,” Adams said. “And I gotta say, this season’s got a lot of potential clients coming down to ‘Paradise,’ so it’s going to be interesting.”

Adams is especially excited for one of Echard’s women who tends to talk in third person to show up on the beach, per a potential invite from the producers.

“I can’t wait to make you a margarita and hear you talk in third person,” Adams said. “‘Paradise’ looks like it’s going to be a good one this year.”

Higgins and Adams are spending the week together as they compete in the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions. The fun tournament brings together PGA players and celebrities to raise more awareness for LPGA and the women in the sport.

“We had a tough competition today and I won, but here’s the thing. Ben blew his knee out like six months ago so he’s coming off an injury,” Adams said.

Though Higgins is currently recovering from a dislocated knee during a pick up basketball game, he believes he’ll peak and ultimately win by the end of the week.

“This is a big event for me. You don’t realize how much I look forward to this. When this is over on Sunday, Monday, I’ll be ready for next year,” Higgins said.

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“It’s one of the only times a year I can get competitive. I can tee up, I can feel like I’m a part of something, I want to play well, I want to show myself how good I am, and then I love golf,” he added. “Wells and I play a lot of golf and most of the time it’s just for fun, and that’s great, but this makes you feel like you’re a pro when you’re walking alongside the ropes and you have a caddy and people are following you.”

The tournament can be watched this week on NBC and the Golf Channel.