Amber Riley is asking fans to please stop referring to her as “Mercedes.”

The actress rose to prominence with her role on “Glee” in 2009 as the talented soprano, but says she is hoping fans will respect her as an individual.

She took to Twitter with her plea, writing, “I despise when ppl call me Mercedes. Put some respect on my name. Call me AMBER or RILEY. It’s wild that I even have to say that.”

Riley continued, “No shade to the show/character that gave me a career, but please stop this sh*t. I don’t answer to it, and if you do it facetiously I’ll block you.”

She explained in a follow-up tweet that she is very appreciative of the attention the role gave her, but she wants to feel respected for her work as a whole.

“I’ve done too much in my career to be reduced to one role,” the 35-year-old wrote. “Whether you respect the work I’ve done or not, I don’t really care, BUT basic human decency is to recognize me as a person and use my actual name. Boundaries 🙃”.

Since starring in “Glee”, Riley has gone on to star in “The Wiz Live!”, “Straight Outta Oz”, “Nobody’s Fool”, “Infamous” and “A Black Lady Sketch Show”.