Nick Cannon may appear to be quite the Casanova, given that he fathered several children by multiple women within the span of just a few months, but even he has his moments of insecurity in the bedroom.

In a recent edition of his daytime talk show, Cannon sat down with Dr. Ish Major of “Marriage Boot Camp”, “Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and comedians Chris DeStefano and Rip Micheals for a discussion about intimacy insecurity.

“Are there any insecurities when it comes to the bedroom?” Cannon asks, before sharing his own issue.

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“I will tell you off top… I definitely have an insecurity when it comes to being intimate,” he revealed.

According to Cannon, his insecurity has to do with body image. “I’ve been skinny my whole life therefore I have never liked to be completely naked, I hide under the covers,” he said. “As much as I boast about being in shape.”

The segment can be seen in its entirety below: