Kathy Griffin is opening up about that Donald Trump severed head controversy.

The comedian faced backlash after posing with a bloodied replica of the former president’s head back in 2017, with her being fired from her annual New Year’s Eve CNN co-hosting job, as well as having numerous theatres cancel her shows.

The New York Times reported that Griffin had received thousands of death threats at the time, including “dozens left on her aging mother’s answering machine and others called into the hospital room of her sister, Joyce, who was dying of cancer.”

The actress was also “investigated and interrogated by the Secret Service, and her lawyer heard from officials at the Department of Justice,” the publication pointed out.

Griffin told the paper in a new interview, “I wasn’t cancelled. I was erased.”

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“​​I honestly never had a desire to make enemies,” Griffin insisted. “But I keep making enemies.”

The likes of Trump, Chelsea Clinton and Donald Trump Jr. slammed the photo in question.

“I just want to get back to making people laugh,” Griffin, who, prior to the photo scandal, was performing an array of stand-up shows and executive produced “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List”, which aired on Bravo from 2005-2010, shared. “More than anything else, that’s what has been robbed from me.”

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Producer Judd Apatow told the publication that it’s “seriously out of whack that she is struggling to get things back on the rails because something went too far in a photo.”

Griffin is now getting back on her feet and is starring in season 5 of HBO Max’s “Search Party”, marking her return to television for the first time in five years. She previously released her own documentary, 2019’s “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story”, reflecting on the much-talked about Trump photo scandal.

She also recently announced she was cancer-free after having half of her left lung removed, with her confirming to the Times that the surgery was a success and no further treatment has been recommended by her doctors.