Dakota Johnson doesn’t mind poking fun at her saucy on-screen past.

The “Fifty Shades” star chatted to James Corden and fellow guest Josh Gad on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show”, with the host noticing that she struggled to sit down in her short red dress.

Corden asked, “You good? Are you all right? Do you want my jacket?”

Johnson insisted, “I’m okay. It’s nothing nobody hasn’t already seen.”

Dakota Johnson, James Corden. Photo: Terence Patrick (C)2022 CBS
Dakota Johnson, James Corden. Photo: Terence Patrick (C)2022 CBS

Corden mentioned that Johnson is not on social media, but her famous parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, are, and love to share childhood snaps of her.

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Because she’s not on socials, the actress joked that by the time she finds out about the pics they’re already “baked into the internet.”

Admitting she reverts back to a 12-year-old to tell them off, Dakota said she insists: “Mom, you can’t do that… We have had this conversation so many times.”

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Corden also questioned Johnson about whether it was true that she tattooed her “Lost Daughter” co-star Olivia Colman while filming in Greece.

“I have a stick-and-poke tattoo kit and I brought it to Greece because I thought it would be fun, but they confiscated it at customs. And rightfully so because we did a lot of wine tasting when we were in Greece.”

Colman still got her inking done, by a friend with a kit in New York City, while there doing press for the movie.

“She really wanted a tattoo,” she said, adding that she did the honours herself.