Eric André talked about the exciting rollercoaster of emotions he felt during during his experience being in the new “Jackass” movie and how Johnny Knoxville broke into his house on Christmas Eve. 

The comedian stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday night where he recalled the moment he got the call to appear in “Jackass Forever” and jumped at the opportunity to work with the Jackass crew.

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“Oh my god, they raised me. They shaped my worldview,” André told Kimmel, before confessing that his thoughts quickly turned doubtful. “It was the quickest I’ve ever said ‘yes’ to a project, and then I was immediately terrified because being on a ‘Jackass’ set is like the Vietnam War of comedy. Every step you take, a real landmine or an explosive could be underneath.”

After forming relationships with the crew, André admitted that it’s “scary being friends with those guys,” explaining that they will “light you up any chance” that they get, like Knoxville did on Christmas Eve when he thought he could cheer up André after he was sick with Omicron. 

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“He had toilet paper and an Andy Warhol wig, and he started toilet papering my house. My alarm goes off. I’m stoned by myself, paranoid, and I open the window. I don’t know it’s him, so I’m just yelling out the window like, ‘I’m calling the police! I have a gun!” André said. “I open the door. I’m like, ‘I’m going to kill you, man. I have a gun and the cops are on their way.’ And [Knoxville] goes, ‘Dude, how good would the publicity have been if you got me arrested and shot me right before ‘Jackass’ comes out.'”

André also poked fun of his “fat life” which after he gained weight for “The Eric Andre Show”. 

“I purposely gained weight for the fifth season of my show and then as soon as it wrapped – as soon as I was gonna lose the weight – pandemic started. And at first, remember [the] pandemic was just gonna be a month or something? So I was like, ‘Whatever. Pina Coladas in my bathrobe for a month baby. Okay I’m not losing weight now,’” he said. “And then stretch to six months, eight months. I’m just like in my bathtub eating hot cheetos, drinking white russians. I look like the caterpillar from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. I’m just like, ‘When will this end.'”

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Shortly after, André recalled getting his vaccine and wanting to finally unpack the weight, until Danny McBride called him to do “Righteous Gemstones” in the “least healthy city in America – Charleston, South Carolina – where all the food is so delicious but it’s all deep fried.” 

André talks more about the comedy series “The Righteous Gemstones” and working with “legend” and “sweetheart” John Goodman in the video above.