Eating hot wings took a toll on Seth Rogen.

Rogen recalled the horror of eating 10 progressively spicier chicken wings on First We Feast’s “Hot Ones”. The episode premiered on Thursday and the Canadian comedian shared how painful the experience was during and after.

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This f**ked my a** up both literally and figuratively,” Rogen said on Twitter.

“Eating 10 hot wings, for me, is not generally a big deal. So I guess we’ll see how it goes,” Rogen said off the top of the show.

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“My head is starting to sweat out of somewhere weird,” he said later in the show, after chowing down on a spicier wing. “I can’t definitively say sweat has ever come from that part. Or it might be a tear. I don’t know if it’s sweat or a tear.”

Thursday’s appearance marks Rogen’s third encounter with “Hot Ones”. He previously did a miniature episode with “Long Shot” co-star Charlize Theron and went half-in with “Preacher” star Dominic Cooper. This was the first time, however, Rogen tackled all 10 wings solo.