Former “American Idol” contestant Althea Grace is opening up about her daugher’s rare medical condition.

Little Lennon was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex, a disorder that causes benign tumors, after she began having seizures at 10-months-old. 

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“When the doctors gave me Lennon’s diagnosis, I was terrified,” said Althea Grace in an interview with People. “I had been taking Lennon on the road with me, but how could I continue that with all her medical needs?”

The 22-year-old auditioned in front of the judges on season 19 of “American Idol”.

Katy Perry had told me that I needed to use what I was going through to put a fire under me,” she recalled. “It was a powerful moment for me to see how music got me through what was happening.”

After her audition aired in March 2021, Althea Grace received a huge response from other people dealing with tuberous sclerosis

“It made us feel comforted and not alone,” she said. 

The talented singer now works with TSC Alliance, a support group for families affected by tuberous sclerosis complex. 

“The Alliance just create this beautiful network where everyone helps everyone else,” Althea Grace continued. “They got me an appointment for Lennon with the head of the tuberous sclerosis department that I never knew even existed.”  

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Lennon recently underwent a liver transplant after being given just days to live by doctors.

“It just hit me. My baby gets to live because another mom just lost hers,” the proud mom remembered. “Being in the ICU is like the happiest moments of people’s lives, surrounded by the worst moments of people’s lives.”

On her daughter’s progress since the surgery, Althea Grace added, “She’s an absolute animal. She’s just the most wild, spunky,  smart child I’ve ever met in my life. It’s miraculous that she was as sick as she was.”