Taylor Swift is gonna get her scarf back if it’s the last thing Dionne Warwick does.

On Thursday night, the legendary singer appeared on Global’s “The Late Show”, and host Stephen Colbert had to bring up the 81-year-old’s interest in Swift’s scarf.

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Back in November, following the release of Swift’s re-recorded album, Red (Taylor’s Version), Warwick tweeted about the scarf referenced in the song “All Too Well”.

In the song, which many have understood to be about Swift’s brief relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, the young singer-songwriter references a scarf she left with her old flame that he has supposedly held onto for years.

Colbert asked Warwick about her tweets addressed to Gyllenhaal urging him to return the scarf, including one in which she offers to pay the cost of postage for him to send it back.

“Not one word from him or her yet,” the 81-year-old told the host. “I’m gonna find out, I’m gonna give her a call. I am, to find out if she got her scarf and if she didn’t, I’m gonna find Jake.”

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Also in the interview, Warwick talked about her experience performing in Paris in 1964, where many in the audience were shocked that she was Black, because the French music label had put a white woman on the cover of her This Empty Place record.

“What was the reaction when you showed up?” Colbert asked.

“Quite amazing,” Warwick recalled. “They were accustomed to seeing this. And there was a collective gasp. I said, ‘Yeah, I ain’t no white woman, I’m Black.’”

She added, “Until I opened my mouth, they didn’t believe that I was who I am. Actually, until I started singing, then all of a sudden, everybody kind of relaxed and sat back and enjoyed.”

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