Nina Dobrev is extremely accident prone.

The “Vampire Diaries” actress chats to “Ellen DeGeneres Show” guest-host Adam DeVine on Friday alongside her best friend and Fresh Vine Wine co-owner Julianne Hough.

DeVine asks Hough whether she’s noticed that Dobrev is always getting hurt.

Hough insists, “Beyond! I’ve taken her to the urgent care more times than I can count on both of my hands.

“She’s the most accident prone but it’s because she’s a risk taker and she’s amazing.”

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The pair then talk about the holidays, with Dobrev admitting her parents got her an interesting gift.

She shares, “All I got was coal, every year,” joking that it’s their way of keeping her grounded.

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Hough then talks about her end-of-the-year solo retreat, before DeVine and tWitch challenge Hough and Dobrev to a round of “Heads Up!” sidekick edition.

See more in the clip below.