Teri Hatcher is getting candid about her pregnancy struggles.

On Thursday, the “Desperate Housewives” star guest-hosted E! News’ “Daily Pop”, and revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in her early 40s while trying to have a second baby.

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During a conversation about actress Ginnifer Goodwin offering to donate her husband Josh Dallas’ sperm to a close friend attempting to get pregnant, co-host Loni Love commented that the friend could “just get a sperm donor.”

“I did that,” Hatcher said. “It didn’t work out for me, but I tried to have a second child by myself and I went through that, got a sperm donor. I actually had a miscarriage, unfortunately.”

The 57-year-old, who is mother to daughter Emerson, 24, with ex Jon Tenney, did admit that it was “kind of fun” to pick out a sperm donor during the process.

“Because you pick out literally, ‘Do they wear glasses? Did they have acne? How tall?'” Hatcher explained. “It’s very interesting when you think about it that way.”

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She added, “I mean, who knew I was going to say that story today, but I just did. Anyway it can be done, you can do it that way.”

Hatcher did raise concerns, though, about Goodwin’s idea to have her husband donate to a close friend.

“When I saw the story, the first thing I thought, ‘Did they get a lawyer?’ It could be a mess,” she said. “It’s a very generous, loving thing to want to help your friend, but it’s a very complicated situation.”

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