Valerie Bertinelli is opening up about losing her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen to cancer in October 2020.

Bertinelli, who was married to Van Halen from 1981-2007, chats to Drew Barrymore on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” about some things she wrote about her ex in her new memoir Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today.

Barrymore shares, “As a parent who also did not stay in a marriage, the way that you, and I know him as Eddie, you refer to him as Ed,” as Bertinelli jokes: “Well I refer to him as a lot of things…”

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Barrymore reads from the book, “The time when you are saying to him, ‘Maybe next time we will get it right… We are like any other family in this situation and time doesn’t stop as it ceases to matter… Nothing puts you in the moment and makes you appreciate what it means to live like watching someone you love die. And it’s all I think about as I sit here, this is what matters love.’”

The Food Network star insists, “Yep, I believe that. It begins with love and it ends with love so why not fill all the in between with love as well? I don’t want to live with regrets anymore. I have never not regretted regrets. I think regrets are helpful like mistakes and teach you how to not do the same thing over again. So all the regrets I have, I have never regretted telling someone I love them.”

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Bertinelli also discusses her potential new show with Demi Lovato, titled “Hungry”.

She shares, “We are shooting the pilot in about a month and it’s by one of my favourites, the same woman Suzanne Martin who wrote ‘Hot in Cleveland’, wrote a show called ‘Hungry’ for Demi Lovato.

“And luckily, Suzanne was thinking about me for her mother. And I say her because that’s the character it’s a her, when I talk about Demi, I say they. And they are so amazing in this. We shot a pilot and I am telling you nothing has been more perfect for Demi either, they are in the right place at the right time. They are doing amazing work in this show… I think this is a show that everybody is going to want.

“We are all talking about the diet craziness and our bodies and do they define us? Are you defined by your body? No, you are not and just making that funny and smart. I hope it gets picked up by NBC.”

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