Nick Cannon is sharing his thoughts on cancel culture, and says he supports fellow comedian Dave Chappelle, who was hit with backlash due to accusations of transphobia in his latest Netflix special.

Appearing on “The Spout Podcast”, Cannon shared his praise for Chappelle and other comedians who are “fearless” in pushing the envelope with their words.

“All hail Dave Chappelle, you know what I mean?” said Cannon.

“Like, the people who are fearless. I mean, as someone who has definitely had my brush many times with, you know, cancel culture and, you know, been on multiple sides of different debates, you know what I mean?” he continued.

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“When you get to what you can’t say and what’s insensitive, and one thing I value and I mean I’ve tried to share this story and just I can’t… I think they will pick it up, you know, in retrospect but ‘Wild ‘n Out’ is the most progressive show on television and has been for over a decade, for almost two. And I say that just to say because when you think about it there’s no other place on television where you can have people from completely different walks of life say the most harsh, outrageous, unapologetic stuff to each other,” said Cannon of the show he’s hosted and produced since 2005.

“Like, we literally will have someone from the transgender community battle rap someone who was homophobic and just watch it happen, but at the end of the day they hug it out. You know what I mean?” he explained. “Or you could watch someone from, you know, make a Middle Eastern joke to someone who’s not even Middle Eastern, who’s Indian, you know what I mean? It’s ignorant in that sense, but it’s like, oh, we all say that, you know.”

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Cannon also shared how he personally refuses to be mired in negativity.

“If you let any of that noise slow you down or stop you, you are on the wrong frequency,” he said. “Like you got it, like that slowdown, stuck in the mud, low-frequency energy that I try to avoid. I’m aware of it, but you know there’s a low frequency below you, but you just got to get to the highest frequency and the way you get to that frequency is just don’t stop, keep pushing, stay motivated, keep moving.”