Two fans of Ana de Armas are suing Universal Pictures for cutting her out of “Yesterday”.

According to a report in Variety, the viewers were dismayed when they each paid $3.99 to watch the 2019 movie after seeing the actress in the trailer; when they watched the entire film, however, de Armas wasn’t in it, her scenes not making it into the film’s final cut.

They decided to take action by launching a lawsuit against the film’s studio, Universal, alleging deceptive marketing and seeking $5 million on behalf of others who watched the movie expecting to see the star of “Knives Out” and “No Time to Die”.

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“Because consumers were promised a movie with Ana de Armas by the trailer for ‘Yesterday,’ but did not receive a movie with any appearance of Ana de Armas at all, such consumers were not provided with any value for their rental or purchase,” the lawsuit states.

In “Yesterday”, Himesh Patel stars as Jack, a singer-songwriter who, due to weird supernatural circumstances, becomes a star by performing the music of The Beatles to a world in which the Fab Four never existed.

According to Variety, de Armas was cast as Roxane, a love interest who meets Jack on the set “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, with Patel’s character serenading her with the George Harrison-penned “Something”.

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In an interview with Cinema Blend, “Yesterday” screenwriter Richard Curtis explained that test audiences didn’t like to see Jack straying from his main love interest in the film, played by Lily James.

“That was a very traumatic cut, because she was brilliant in it. I mean really radiant,” Curtis said. “You know, it’s one of those things where it’s some of our favourite scenes from the film, but we had to cut them for the sake of the whole.”