Gravity is working against Shawn Mendes.

The 23-year-old singer slipped and fell down a dirt path during his Friday hike at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles.

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But, It’ll be okay, because Mendes is mocking the stumble on Instagram. In his most recent post, the singer is seen posing shirtless on the trail with the L.A. cityscape behind him. In the following video, Mendes flexes his muscles before he immediately tumbles down to his friend, John Mayer’s song “Gravity”, playing in the background.

“I guess that’s what I get,” Mendes wrote in the caption, laughing off the mishap.

Fans joined Mendes in the comments section, poking fun at the singer.

“King of falling after thirst trapping,” one fan teased the musician. Another fan reacted to the clip, writing, “It’s not Shawn Mendes if he’s not falling.”

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The “Treat You Better” singer’s post was shared shortly after he teased new music in a different post earlier this week, which had fans guessing that a new album is in the works.

The short, 12-second clip showed Mendes listening and bopping his head to an upbeat track while on a FaceTime call. He didn’t share any details about the new music, but he asked fans in the caption, “Y’all dig this?”

Fans flooded the comments sharing their excitement and approval of the new song. Mendes even received a friendly comment from ex Camila Cabello, who wrote, “Ur crazy wildcat.”

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Further teasing fans, Mendes posted another video of himself in studio, working on an additional song as he plays the electric guitar.

“Sir i need you to stop teasing us and JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY,” a fan commented, pretty much summing up the entire Mendes Army’s thoughts on the star’s new music.