TikTok star Addison Grace just released “I Wanna Be a Boy”.

Writing the fan favourite track led the Salt Lake City-based musician to discover their pronouns – he/they – and “come home to themselves in a way that provided freedom, comfort and genuine love,” a press release states of the powerful lyrics.

Addison Grace wasn’t expecting to release the song outside of social media, but did after it was so well-received.

Addison Grace – Photo: Courtney Kiara Boyer
Addison Grace – Photo: Courtney Kiara Boyer

In an interview with B Drop, he shares: “I initially started writing it when I was questioning a lot of things about myself. I’m very open with how I identify online and I’ve always openly been a queer creator, queer musician, and at that time I was really not understanding how I identified with my gender and how I felt about it, and so it started off as a song about gender roles and how I was jealous of guys and how they got to have certain things I couldn’t have. With time, I realized it was very much me explaining — in song form — that I wasn’t a girl and that I was nonbinary instead.”

The singer says of the fan reaction prior to the official release, “A lot of people ended up relating to the song. I had trans men relating to it saying ‘I’ve always felt like that.’ I’ve had trans women being like ‘I used to deny I was a woman and I wanted to be a boy; I wanted to be ‘normal’ — quote, unquote.

“I even had my friends who were born female and identify as female feel that way because they felt they were a tomboy and never fit in with the ‘girlie girls’ so to speak.”

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He adds, “Even though, for me, it’s a song about gender identity and finding myself in that way, I think really at the core — it becomes a song about not understanding yourself and wishing so desperately that you could and it’s a very vulnerable song for that reason.”

Addison Grace shares of the cover art for the single, “I feel like a lot of my work recently has been about growing up and about those awkward moments in your life, so for this song, I wanted it to be a collage of my face growing up. I didn’t want it to be something someone had drawn.”

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“I wanted it to be realistic so I searched through a bunch of scrapbooks and I found pictures of two-year old me, 10-year old me, 15-year old me and a picture of me from last year and we ended up crafting it all together because I’ve always loved the idea of putting photos together and it makes something else.

“I wanted to put stickers and all that because when you’re finding yourself, it feels like these weird puzzle that don’t fit quite right, so I wanted it to look slightly off… I really love it and it feels really nostalgic to me.”