Kathy Griffin is documenting her post-surgery recovery and sharing it with the world.

The comedian posted a video on Twitter on Jan. 23.

She captioned the post: “First walk since surgery! Thx to my pal @JaneEdithWilson for goin w me.”

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“Hey guys, it’s me Kathy Griffin. I’m with my friend Jane,” says Griffin in the video. “So I’m gonna go on my first walk today since my surgery. I’m a little nervous.”

She elbow bumps her bestie for good look and takes a few steps in the room. After a few seconds, she rolls onto a nearby couch, apparently finished her “walk”.

“Kathy, you seem very lazy,” Jane comments.

The 61-year-old then rolls back off the couch to continue their walk.

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Griffin first revealed she was battling stage 1 lung cancer in August 2021, and has since been recovering from having a successful surgery where she had half of her lung removed.

The actress revealed she was cancer-free after the surgery, but the treatment left her with temporary damage in her vocal chords.